Help for families

In the capital Antananarivo poverty is present everywhere! Due to political problems and the worldwide economic crisis, the Malagasy people are suffering every day. The unemployment is rising all over the country while salaries are dropping. Most of all workers only receive € 20-30 per month.

Most of the families living in Antananarivo are not able to pay the permanent increasing costs for staple food. Tuitions and school material are unaffordable. Medical treatment is not secured.

This is how we help:
47 families living in Antananarivo and registered by a local parish are supplied by our organisation. The priest and Mr. Dauphin (staff of La Vision) take care of them. Each month they receive a defined amount of money to buy food.

Once per month, all families meet in the church and attend divine service. They pray together and the food is blessed by the priest. Afterwards, each family gets a package consisting of a bottle of oil, 2kg of rice, a pack of sugar, a pack of salt and soap.

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