Many children in Madagascar are alone at an early age for various reasons. In many cases the mother and father have died or one died and the other is not able to take care of them. Others have parents who are in jail or have simply left them.

Many of these children do not have other relatives who could take care of them. They do not receive support through public institutions or Foster families. Therefor the only place they can go to / be brought to is an orphanage.

This is how we help:
The organization “Famatave” has built an orphanage in Fort Dauphin (South of Madagagascar). It is located close to the airport, on the outskirts of Fort Dauphin. The land and the building were financed through donations.

The orphanage is run by two social assistants  who are currently taking care of 53 children and 10 teenagers. The children living here are supplied with medicine, food and a warm bed. Through our donations we can supply the orphans with daily meal of rice and vegetables. In addition we have bought some chickens and a goat so that eggs and milk compliments their diet. Also we have built a kitchen, equipped so that food can be cooked for everyone.

The children go to a public school until the age of 18, which is also when they have to leave the orphanage. We try our best to support them and prepare them for their future.

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