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Mari Alice

Today I want to introduce to you Mari Alice. Mari Alice came to the orphanage after loosing her mum at the age of 4. Now, aged 17, Mari Alice is a bright, young lady, always one of the best in her class. Having known her for many years, we learned something new about her during our last visit to Mada.

During the Christmas party we sang karaoke (something very typical in Mada for special occasions). Everyone had a good laugh. When it was Mari Alice’s turn though everyone went quiet. She sung so beautifully that even the little ones stopped playing just to hear her sing. We decided that this is a talent that has to be supported and now the moment has come. We have organized for Mari Alice to participate a singing competition from Radio Josvah selecting “La plus belle voix de Farady” (the best singer in the region). She has already managed it to the semi finals

The container is finally on it’s way to Fort Dauphin

Finally the big day has arrived. After many discussions and lots and lots of paper work  the container to Madagascar has been loaded today and will be shipped this week. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations! We will keep you posted when it arrives safely in Fort Dauphin.


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Christmas Celebration Fort Dauphin

Thanks to the donations collected at this year’s Christmas Markets we were able to organize a Christmas Celebration in Fort Dauphin for all the people in need that receive help from La Vision. Everyone helped with the preparations and had a wonderful time. We thank you all for your support as without it all this would not have been possible. La Vision wishes you a very happy and healthy new year!

Akany Avotra et Familles aidées

Here are more pictures:

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