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Distribution of wheelchairs and walking aids

2014-07-14 (3) 2014-07-14 (12)

Still day 6 of our Madagascar trip:

In the afternoon we welcomed a group of handicapped people on our clinic’s site. Each one tried out different walking aids or wheelchairs and were then given the one that they felt most comfortable with.

Some of them came with wheelchairs that were broken but could be repaired. So we kept them to repair and can hopefully return them soon as good as new.

Here photos of today’s distribution:

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Visiting the School

2014-07-14  Schule (3) 2014-07-14  Schule (16)

Still day 6 of our Madagascar trip:

During the late morning we visited the catholic school. The nuns were happy to welcome us. We had a look at the building and the site belonging to the school. This was important for David, as he will give lessons here in the following weeks. We set up a timetable with the nuns for David. Following this the nuns invited us for a wonderful meal, which as every year was delicious. To celebrate our visit they even made a banana cake for us :-)

Here are some pictures of our visit:
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Visiting the women’s formation course

2014-07-14  Frauenförderung (2) 2014-07-14  Frauenförderung (5)

Day 6 of our Madagascar trip:

After a day of regeneration our timetable was full again:

In the morning, we visited the house where our support project for women is located. The women learn to weave bags and hats. We try to sell these, to partially autofinance this Project.

Some of these bags were already brought to spain at our last journey. We sold them at the International Festival in Javea in June.

Take a look at these pictures of the making of these bags…

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