Support for Women

There are many women who do not have a family / partner or have left their partner because of domestical violance. Very often these women have never been to school or learned a proper job. They are not able to provide for themselves. They live on the streets and sometimes have to eat the rubbish others throw away. They do not have the money to provide themselves with food, clothes, a place to sleep or medical care of any kind.

This is how we help:
In cooperation with the local nuns we offer these women a chance to learn for a job, for e.g. sowing,knitting or making typical hats and bags from sisal. We also provide them with medical care.

Through this, the women learn something which helps them provide for themselves . Its their chance to be independant and to start  earning for their own living.

The products made during these courses (hats, bags and clothes) are sold on the local market, which partially finances this project.

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