Orphaned Babies / Rape victims

Many babies are abandoned after being born. They are born on the streets because their mothers’ cannot afford going to the hospital, nor do they have the money to provide their newborns with what they need.

These babies have very little chance to survive. Having just been born they do not have anyone to take care of them, feed them, dress them, love them.

This is how we help:
The found babies are brought to the hospital Befelatanana in Antananarivo, where we help them.

The babies are taken care of Mrs. Telina, the hospital’s social assistant. She receives a monthly donation from us. This is used for babies’ medical checkups/treatments, operations when needed, vaccinations and medication. The babies are taken care of until they are healthy. Then Mrs. Telina tries to find foster families for them, but unfortunatly some end up in an orphanage.

During months where no babies are found, the monthly donation is used in the maternity section to buy clothes, dipers, covers.

Recent posts regarding  this project…

Update 2019: 

The cooperation with Mrs. Telina has always been a pleasure. So when she informed us that she has now been assigned a new job we decided to follow her. She is now responsable for helping rape victims. The monthly donations she receives are now destined to help her patients (medical treatment, etc.). The stories about these victims of all ages are shocking and heartbreaking. Thank you to all our donors who enable us to support this project.