Public Catholic School

Many children in Madagascar do not have the opportunity to go to school. They are orphans  or their parents cannot afford to pay school fees and material. Also, many children have to work to support their families so they have food to survive.

It is very hard for these children to have a better future; they are trapped in the vicious circle of poverty. Without school education, they have no possibilities to ever find a better job or to earn more money to improve their situation.

This is how we help:
We support a public school in Fort Dauphin, South of Madagascar. It is a catholic school run by nuns. Not only do they teach the children, but they are also the person the kids trust with their worries/problems/etc.

The nuns receive a monthly donation from us. This money is used for school fees / materials for the children whose parents cannot afford to pay theses expenses. In addition the kids get a warm meal everyday , and when needed we also organize and pay medical care.

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