Second Container Shipment to Madagascar

IMG-20140415-WA0038_resized IMG-20140415-WA0035_resized

We are happy to let you know that the container is finally packed with medical equipment, glasses, toys, clothes and even a car. Now the journey to Fort Dauphin can begin!

Thank you to everyone for your donations!

Fundraising point Germany:

DSC05289 DSC05287

Fundraising point Spain:

photo6 photo

photo4 IMG_1178 (20)


Packing of the container:

photo7       photo1

IMG-20140415-WA0034_resized IMG-20140415-WA0020_resized

IMG-20140415-WA0019_resized     IMG-20140415-WA0026_resized

IMG-20140415-WA0039_resized     IMG-20140414-WA0019_resizedIMG-20140415-WA0037_resized     IMG-20140415-WA0058_resizedIMG-20140415-WA0055_resized     IMG-20140415-WA0049_resized IMG-20140415-WA0041_resized     IMG-20140415-WA0047_resizedIMG-20140415-WA0044_resized     IMG-20140415-WA0043_resized

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