Addition to our family I: Claudio

Every year comes with new challenges. We often have people living in or around Fort Dauphin  asking for help. Sometimes just  medical help but sometimes also to be included in our family project. Unfortunatly we can’t take everyone into our family projects as we don’t have the financial ressources at the moment. Nevertheless it is often very difficult to reject people when you see how desperate they are in need and sometimes it is simply impossible to say no. We experienced this at first hand during our time in Fort Dauphin this year. Therfor we would like to introduce you to the new members of our family projects:

Claudio is a little baby boy. Claudio’s mother passed away in December so his grandmother took him in and came to ask us for help. Our team decided to take him into our program which means he now acess to medical care (incl. all vaccinations, etc). We supply him with milk, food, clothes and whatever else he needs. During our time in Fort Dauphin we went to visit Claudio and his family. What an adorable little boy he is. Here some pics:



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