Addition to our family II: Zafy

After taking Claudio into our program Fidelia’s family came to us. (For those who don’t remember Fidelia: She was one of our first patients many years ago with a cleft lip; ever since then Fidelia and her family receive food packages and medical care). In her arms Fidelia’s grandmother was holding her little 2 month old grandchild Zafy. He was wrapped in a blanket and was crying non stop. She explained to us that Zafy’s mum had passed a couple of days before. The father was not able to take care of his 8 children alone so she was now helping out. Fidelia’s mum was breastfeeding little Zafy but between her own baby and Zafy there was simply not enough milk. Thus Zafy was crying out of hunger. We unwrapped Zafy out of his blanket to examine. It was hard not to cry. For his age he was so tiny. A fast reaction was essential. We had him checked by our doctor and bought everything the little man needed (milk, clothes, bottle, etc.) Fidelia’s family will now receive extra support as they now have little Zafy at their charge. It is moments like these that touch us, and we are grateful that due to our donors we can make a difference in this little boy’s life.

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