Fighting the hunger caused by the draught in the south

As many of you know the South of Madagascar is currently suffering a severe draught. The consequences for the population are terrible; especially children and elderly are extremely malnourished and people are in urgent need of help.
With the support of our donors we have organized a special “help” over the past weeks of which we would like to give you all a little recap:
In total we have bought and distributed:
40 bags of rice: 2.000Kg
4 bags of beans: 260Kg
3 bags of Kabaro (a type of chickpeas): 195Kg
4 bags of Voanemba (a type of dried vegetable): 260Kg
4 bags of lentilles: 260Kg
40 Cartons of noodles: 40 Cartons x 20 packs
Koba (rice flour for children): 170Kg
potatoes: 260Kg
3 bags of peanuts: 195Kg
10 Cartons of oil: 10 x 20Ltr.
5 big bales of clothes: approx. 400Kg
To transport all this we rented a truck. Due to safety issues in the South various people from our team (and the local nuns) accompanied the truck to it’s destinations:
06/07/2021: Official donation of goods to the head nun of Tsivory & Amboasary at our premises in Fort Dauphin with the General Secretary of the region in representation of the Gouvernor. Departure to our first stop.
07/07 at 5am: arrival at Tsivory; distribution of goods.
08/07/2021: cooking / distribution of hot meals in Tsivory
09/07/2021: drive down to Amboasary
10/07/2021: cooking / distribution of hot meals in Amboasary and return to Fort Dauphin
What our team witnessed on site is that this region is lacking in many basic things mainly food and medication ( againts bilharziose: a wormdesease). The local churches are doing their best to feed hundreds of people every day. It is incredible what he nuns are doing every day. They are in urgent need of support. We have contacted the local news stations to promote help and will try our best to help in these difficult times.
Please help us help these people.
Thank you for taking your time to read this and passing on the message.

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