Princio needs your help!

Le petit Princio et sa maman Le petit Princio

Yesterday a mum with her 9 month old baby came to ask us for help. Her son, Princio was born with a cleft palate. Because the mother didn’t the money to have him treated straight after birth, his jaw is now so deformed that he can barely eat. The only nutrition he can take is in liquid form and even this is becoming harder and harder. Now, Princio only weighs 4.3kg and urgently needs an operation. Unfortunatly there is no doctor in Fort Dauphin that could opérate him so we are now also looking for someone in the capital Antananarivo and the neighbour islands. We hope to find a doctor that can help him as son as possible. Please help us with your donation to finance Princio’s operation/treatment that will hopefully save his life. Thank you for your support!

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